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Volcano Hotel
871 Vík, Mýrdal, Iceland
Tel. +354 486 1200
GPS:N 63´26.203´ W 019´09.823´


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TripAdvisor Traveller Rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 287 traveller reviews
TripAdvisor Ranking #2 of 7 B&Bs in Vik
Most Recent Traveller Reviews
  • 24 Mar 2015: “Nice hotel in Iceland and worth going...”
  • 14 Mar 2015: “Very nice hotel”
  • 2 Mar 2015: “Above and beyond service”
  • 8 Feb 2015: “Wonderful and Unforgettable Volcano”
  • 11 Jan 2015: “Perfect Place to Stay”
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About the owners

maggaogjoiWho we are:
Volcano Hotel which one might describe more as a B&B then a hotel, is family run by the brothers Johann and Einar and their wives Margrét and Thyri.
The two brothers grew up in the Mýrdalur area and Johann and Margrét live with their three sons in an apartment adjacent the Volcano Hotel. They run the hotel on daily basis as well as running the excursion part of the Hotel - Mountain Excursion. Thyri and Einar live in Reykjavík with their five daughters, where they take care of accounting, the web and the bookings related to the small hotel. And on weekends they try to follow in Johann and Margret´s footsteps as hosts at the hotel :).

What we love:
We, the owners, have a great interest in tourism and all kinds of outdoor recreation. All of us as well as our children are great fans of our country and Icelandic nature.
We have traveled around all Iceland (even where it is impassible), either by foot, on skis, motor cycles, super jeeps or ATV´s.

The place, its story:
Volcano Hotel is in an old house that used to serve as a school for the farmers children in the area as well as being the community hall. It was originally built in 1967 and we felt it was important to give the house a role in the community again, after the school had been moved to the village and the house stood more or less empty.
Both Einar and Johann used to attend this school when they were growing up. So imagine owning your old primary school.... That is an achievement :).

einarogthyriWe have made all the renovation on the house our selves as Johann is a carpenter and Einar is an electrician (who loves handling a hammer...). The interior design is mostly Margret´s work and our guests have praised her work repeatedly. Thyri was by far the best painter during the renovation and one might describe her as the Picasso of house painting.... 
The happiness of our clients have made all our hard work well worth it. But we do have a lot of work ahead of us, as we want to make the outdoor area much nicer and hopefully it will be ready in the nearest future.

Our goal:
By opening a small hotel like Volcano Hotel we hope to spread our passionate interest in our country to our guests - making them want to see as much as they can during their stay and wanting to come back to us - of course.

Johann and Margret are certified Katla Geopark guides and Thyri is a certified Iceland guide in general guiding. Margret and Thyri are studying tourism at the University of Holar, emphasizing on tourism in rural areas.

Johann and Einar are certified “super-jeep” drivers and have been driving with groups of tourists around all Iceland, to places you cannot access on your regular vehicle.

Our goal is that you feel just like home when staying at our little place and that your experience will be like visiting a friend, rather then a typical "hotel experience".